Saturday, June 30, 2001

oh my god...i freaking hate this piece of crap computer it is the worst thing. i finally got my mom to let me order some stuff that i have been dying for litterly for the past eight months. so i go to the website to order it and just my luck the damned thing wouldnt work. it has upset me, and i started out in a good mood too. oh well. to make myself feel better i ordered some cds. i got matchbox twenty-mad season, no doubt-return of saturn, moby-play, silverchair-the best of volume one, everclear-so much for the afterglow, incubus-make yourself, and nirvana-unplugged in new york i can't wait to get such a music freak. well i'm gonna jet see ya!

Friday, June 29, 2001

hey, i finally got myself a spiffy blogalicious bloggy. i need somewhere to rant and rave all the damn time :o) today had been absoulty crap, i did nothing 'cept sit on my ass all day, and now its raning, just my luck huh. oh well. go to my not completed site pweeze :) im completly and utterly bored, i hate this damned place..theres nothing to do.